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Cheap VPS Provider Yearly 2023

For those of you who will create a website or an application, you will definitely need a hosting service to run it. There are many choices of providers that have different advantages and features. One of the hosting providers available is Virtual Private Server (VPS). The way VPS works is unique, because VPS is able to split the server into different resources, so the website is more secure and more stable and has a special server room to store data and files. No wonder many people make VPS the best hosting service to date. For more details, in this article there are several lists of providers that offer cheap annual VPS for you. 

Cheap VPS Provider Yearly In 2023


SiteGround provider is perfect for users, both beginners and professionals, who want to upgrade their website VPS. SiteGround is known for its speed, stability and high capacity. Starting from the basic Cloud Jump Start standard (4 CPU cores, about 8 GB of memory, 40 GB of storage and 5 TB of bandwidth), you can enjoy the reliable features of this provider.  


One of the local providers that offer cheap annual VPS packages is Hostinger. Hostinger offers many different VPS packages according to your website needs. Their VPS 1 package offers basic specs of 1 GB RAM, 1 TB bandwidth, and around 20 GB SSD Disk Place, while in VPS 6 package, you will get 16 GB RAM, 12 TB bandwidth, and around 250 GB SSD Disk Place. 


Vultr is an offshore IT company that has expertise in providing VPS hosting for business websites, applications, and blogs. They offer a variety of products with global reach, easy access and affordable prices. For the cloud, Vultr's basic standard is the 1 CPU Plan (0.5 GB, 0.5 TB of bandwidth and 10 GB of storage), and the largest is the 24 CPU Plan (96 GB, 15 TB of bandwidth and 1600 GB of storage).


The next provider is Hostnic. Hostnic provides the best annual cheap VPS packages using sophisticated, fully user-controllable servers and 24/7 service. Starting at 75K per month, you get 20GB SSD, 2 GB RAM and unlimited bandwidth. 


ScalaHosting is an IT service provider that stands out for the quality of its products, service and technological innovation. ScalaHosting uses SPanel as part of its Cloud VPS, namely SShield and SWordPress. These two features are very useful for users as they can prevent cyber security threats and provide the freedom to manage websites as needed.

Thus a review of the Best Cheap Annual VPS Providers, hopefully it can be a reference. 

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